Aviation retail direct answers most asked questions

Aviation Retail Direct have been selling model aircraft for over 30 years now and we have decided to offer some Questions & Answers for ease of buying your model aircraft.

What are the different types of model aircraft available?

There are four different types of model aircraft available today which are the flying type by remote control, static ready finished diecast display models, plastic push-fit models and plastic kits where glue and paints are needed.

Remote control models are made from polyfoam, wood or plastic and normally require precision build with plans and flying instructions. Ready made diecast display models are extremely detailed and come complete with rolling undercarriage and rubber tyres, spinning fans in the engines (normally wide bodies) and turning nosewheels. The new addition to diecast metal aircraft models is magnetic undercarriage which reduces the risk of breakages in the postal system. Plastic push-fit models are finished models with airline liveries and details already printed and just require clipping together (snap fit). Lastly are the plastic kits which come with instructions on how to build with glue, paint and decal your model.

What are the different model aircraft scales and what does a scale mean?

Aircraft models come in many different scales ranging from 1/100 scale down to 1/500 scale. A scale is a measurement of how many times smaller than the real aircraft the model is. So 1/200 scale is 200 times smaller than the real aircraft and 1/400 scale is 400 times smaller than the real aircraft. The two most popular commercial aircraft model scales are 1/200 and 1/400 scale and for military aircraft models these are 1/72 scale and 1/48 scale.

Do all models come complete with a stand and box?

All models come packed in a tight-fit polyfoam inner or plastic cradle with an attractive cardboard outer box depicting the model and its airline or Air Force colour scheme.

The inner packaging allows for safe storage of the model, stand if supplied and collectors coin where applicable. Normally 1/400 scale brands do not come with a stand except AV400 who now include a free stand with their models. Stands are available to purchase separately for Gemini Jets releases.

Can I get a discount on my model?

Aviation Retail Direct have a discount club which is the biggest in the UK and entitles the buyer to a minimum of 10% discount for just £10 a year! Just present your membership card at our shops, online store (automatically discounted at checkout).

20th Mar 2024

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